Dear All,

The main parts of Garment Sector is sewing. Without print and embroidery garments can possible but w/o sewing it is not.

Normally, after receive the fabric we cut the body parts as per require measurement or pattern. Then as per requirement we make print & embroidery on it.

Then we start sewing  by using several kind of sewing machine. Before start sewing we make a machine layout. Machine layout is very important. By machine layout we fixed the sewing operations process that, which operation will start first, then which operations. Its may vary depends on the style.

I have all ready collect some image & video of sewing operation. But these are not step by step. However, still I'm collecting image & video of the sewing operations to published it step by step.

Please find below some random video of sewing operations.

Very soon I will post the garments sewing operations details step by step.


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