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Costing tips for the knit Items.

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Dear All,
In my post I will explain you some points which is very important for quote prices

Before start costing

1)      Fabrication: You must take clear idea regarding the fabrication before taking the order from the buyer / buying house. After then, you must ensure that, you have strong source of the followings fabric.

2)      Size spec: Make sure that, you have got the correct/latest size spec with the measurement of all the sizes, which will be ordered. Many times we see that, PO sheet has come with new bigger size which was not during the costing.

3)      Fabric color: Try to know that, how many colors the style has & also try to know that, color wise order qty ratio.

4)      Qty:  Take information regarding approximate order qty.

5)      Shipment date: Asked buyer for the shipment date & check with your production department that, they have enough space for shipped out the followings qty within the require ship date Or tell your possible date.

6)      Test requirement: Let you know that, the order has any test or not.

7)      L/c payments term: Take a previous l/c copy from them & discuss with your commercial people regarding all the terms along with payment terms. For more details Click here

8)      Inspection: Pls get a confirmation from the buyer that, who will inspected the goods. If third party then who will pay their charges.

9)      GSP: Pls confirm that, buyer has need the GSP or not. 

For more Click here

Calculating  Fabric Consumption

1)      Body Consumption: Calculate the body fabric consumption at first. If possible calculate it after make the pattern. Be confirmed regarding the dia. Calculate the consumption with adding + 5 gsm extra which fabric is sells in kg (s/j, pique, rib etc). Or reduce 2” (in width) from the both side which are in yards (tricot, taffeta etc). Moreover, if the garments are wash garments then make sure that, the pattern has the wash allowance.

2)      Rib: Calculate the rib consumption carefully because sometimes the garments have rib at cuff opening & bottom hem. Some people mistakenly do the consumption considering one cuff.

3)      Neck tape: Calculate the consumption of neck tape.
4)      Appliqué & others fabric: Make sure that, you are not missing any appliqué & any other fabric. For Appliqué consumption Click here

5)      Estimate the wastage: Normally we add 9% wastage for the knit items. However, it’s may vary depends on how many process the garments have. If it is with only front chest print then 9% is ok but if with all over/rotary print, with heavy wash etc then you must increase the wastage. Moreover, if the garments with pigments dye then add minimum 25 to 30% wastage because in this pigment dye garments reject percentage is very high.

For more details regarding consumption click followings link For Knit  & For Woven shirt & For Woven Fabric

Others item

1)      Print: If the garments have print then make sure that, you have a clear art work of it. Check that there clearly mentioned the print quality, dimension & placement. Send the art work to your printers for a better price idea. Also let you know from your printers regarding the difficulties of the followings print. Many times we found that, buyer has asked for so many type/kind prints in same body which is so difficult for production. Such as, if buyer asked for Flock + discharge & foil print in at the same artwork then it is not possible for production.

2)      Embroidery: Discuss with your embroidery supplier regarding the embroidery & take price quotation.

3)      Wash: Take the wash price quotation from washing factory.

4)      Test: Confirm the charges of test from the testing company.

Accessories & trims 

Pls try to Calculate the price of accessories individually it will reduce your percentage of   mistake. Pls find below the list of some accessories item

1)      Sewing thread: Confirm that, which thread you need 100% cotton, spun polyester or filaments. Then ensure the count 50/2 or 40/2 or any other denier. Its may vary on fabrications. Regarding the pigment dye garments we normally used cotton grey color cotton thread. Calculate the sewing thread consumption part by part & add require wastage percentage. For details of Sewing thread consumption Thread Chart & Consumption Formula

2)      Labels: Take the quotation from your supplier for the entire woven & satin/paper label.

3)      Tape: Calculate the consumption of tape if it has, such as Velvet, herringbone or canvas etc.

4)      Elastic: Make sure which denier & width it need. Then take the quotation from supplier.

5)      Zipper: If the garments have zippers then confirm that, from where you will purchase that. Many time the logo zipper need to import the mold from abroad. Make sure the zipper quality, such metal, nylon or vislon zipper. Check the zipper measurement from your production department and get prices from your zipper supplier.

6)      Button: Take the button price from your supplier if the garments have it. For button ligne Click here

7)      Inter lignin: Calculate the inter lignin price if the garments need.

8)      Patch or badge: Calculate the patch or badge or others metal item if the garments have.

9)      Finishing item:  Tissue paper, silica gel, hang tag, barcode sticker, back board, h/tag string, scotch tape, security tag calculate the prices of these item.

10)   Hanger: Take the quotation of hanger.

11)   Poly: Make the measurement of poly. Confirm the quality & with adhesive or not.

12)   Carton: Find out the carton measurement & take the prices from carton supplier along with top, bottom & divider.

13)   Gum tape: Confirm the gum tape quality that, whether it is normal transparent or with any logo. Then take the price quotation.

14)   PP belt: Take the price quotation of pp belt if buyer asked it.

15)   Carton sticker: Take quotation for sticker.

Commercial cost
Normally we add 3% of total purchase (Fabric cost+ other item cost + Accessories cost) as commercial cost if the L/c payments terms is as sight.
If the l/c is 60 days deferred then you can add 7.5% additional cost of total price and it will be 15% for 90 day deferred.

CM (Cost of making)
Calculate the CM after discussion with your production department. It’s vary depends on require machine qty & output qty. For calculate the CM Click here

                Normally we add 20% of CM cost with the price as profit.

Finally I do here by attaching a costing format in excel sheet for all of you.

Link - Click Here

Pls send your reply if it help you.

email: ehbipul@gmail.com


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