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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Calculate the consumption of knit garments

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Dear All,
For calculating the consumption of your knit garments pls follow the below instruction. The following information you need at first, as listed below: 

(During the consumption pls used measurement of middle size for calculation or used the size which have most of the qty. If the style have 6 sizes then used size number 04 for consumption. Here we will consider the size: "L" for calculate the consumption) 

i. Body length of the garments in cm. Say it is - 73 cm

ii. Sleeve length of the garments in cm. Say it is - 19.5 cm

iii. Approximate sewing allowance at body hem, shoulder joint, sleeve hem & armhole joint (in cm). Say it is - 10 cm 

iv. Chest width (1/2) in cm. Say it is - 52 cm

v. Approximate sewing allowance at both side seam (in cm). Say it is - 4 cm  

vi. Fabric GSM (finish)Say it is - 160 gsm 

vii. Approximate fabric wastage in various stage. Say it is - 10% 

(In this regards pls note that, fabric wastage depend on how many additional elements the garments have,which may changed in any time.If the garments has rotary print, enzyme stone wash etc than the fabric wastage will be more than normal wastage)

If you already have all the above information then,now just put the following information and get the fabric consumption. otherwise you can follow the below rules

{(B/length + S/length + Sewing Allowance) X (1/2 Chest + Sewing Allowance)}X 2 X GSM X 12 / 10000000 + Wastage

= {(73 + 19.5 + 10) X (52 + 4)} X 2 X 160 X 12 / 10000000 + 10%

=  (102.5 X 56) X 2 X 160 X 12 / 10000000 + 10%

= 5740 X 2 X 160 X 12 /10000000 +10%

= 22041600 / 10000000 + 10%

= 2.20416 + 10 %

= 2.424576

= 2.43 kg per dozen. (Consumption)

Hope everything is now clear to all.