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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Woven fabric consumption formula.

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Before calculate the woven fabric consumption, you must need the followings information as mentioned below:

1) Measurement chart with technical spec.
2) Style Description.
3) Fabric Description.
4) Fabrics width/weight.
5) Washing shrinkage if any.

This formula is as under :
Formula = Length  X Width  / Fab width X Fab Unit

Length = length of the specific parts + allowance

Width  = width  of the specific parts + allowance

Fab width = Fabric width ( after considering the shrinkage 
                   Say, fabric width is 45" & the shrinkage 
                   allowance is 1", Then the Fabric width will 
                   be (45"-1") = 44" in the formula.

Fab unit = Fabric calculation unit, here it will be 36 because 
                we are going to calculate the consumption in 

Now we will calculate the consumption of a Shirt (front part)

Center front length  = 32"+1" (Sewing allowance) = 33"
Width (Chest)        = 24" + 1" (Sewing allowance) + 3" 
                                 Pleat.W (1.5X2)  = 28"

= Length  X Width  / Fab width X Fab Unit
= 33" X 28" /  44" X 36"
= 924" 1584"
= 0.5833333

= 0.59 Yards. (for front part)