Hello, I’m Enamul Haque Bipul, from Dhaka-Bangladesh. 

I've been working in this Apparel Sector, for the last 19 (Nineteen) years. In the beginning, when I entered in the textile sector, I was totally blind to all the technical things & terms. 
Every time I was searching for the correct information and technical process. But at that time it was very difficult to get the correct & reliable information. Moreover, I was not getting enough support from my senior (which is still happening with many other trainee Merchandisers). Even at that time, there were no single books of merchandising, from where I could learn. That time I was really feeling neediness for a merchandising book.

In my professional life, I have faced many kinds of technical problems regarding Yarn, Knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, Printing, Embroidery, Sewing, Finishing, Packing, Commercial, Shipping, Claim, Cancelling orders, etc.

After so many days, finally I decided to share my practical experience with others. Because, still there is not enough source to learn the industrial apparel merchandising. I'll try to describe all my experiences in detail with photos and videos. Also, I will try to provide various kind of formats for costing and booking. So, hope it will help all these people whose professions are related to the textile, apparel and clothing sectors.

Initially, I started my career as a Merchandiser of circular knitted items, though at present I'm working with different types of projects and materials. Such as woven, denim, flat-knit, home textile, recycled cotton fiber, textile-to-textile polyester fiber, yarn sourcing, etc. So, I will also try to focus on the woven, denim, flat-knit, home textile, recycled cotton fiber, textile-to-textile polyester fiber, and yarn sourcing department in my post.

If anyone wants to share their personal experience, problems & solutions that are related to this apparel sector, please send your article with source details, your full name & designation to me ( and
. I will post the article in this blog with your name and other info details.

If anyone, intends to work with a Bangladeshi Garments factory and needs assistance from someone, who will merchandise and take care of their goods, then you may contact me. 

If you need any kind of information and help regarding Bangladeshi factories then just send me a mail with your requirement details. I'm always ready to help you. 

Please find below my working area on knit/Woven/Sweater items (as mentioned below)

Tank Top/ Vests
Polo shirt 
Woven Bottoms
Sweater / Pullover - Jacquard / Manual 

Single jersey (60 gsm to 190 gsm)
Heavy jersey (200 gsm to 250 gsm)
Lycra Single jersey (160 gsm to 210 gsm)
Pique lacost (double lacost, single lacost) 190 gsm to 230 gsm
Baby terry (170 gsm to 250 gsm)
French terry (260 gsm to 290 gsm)
Fleece (280 gsm to 320 gsm) One side brush
Interlock (190 gsm 220 gsm)
1X1 cotton rib (190 gsm to 220 gsm)
1X1 & 2X2 Spandex rib (280 Gsm to 380 Gsm)
Slub Yarn Fabric
Inject Yarn
Space Dye Yarn

Additional Item of fabric:
Yarn dyed (feeder stripe & Auto stripe)
Tipping collar
Grey Melange
Ready to dye (pigment dye)
Pitch finished/carbon finished
CVC (fabric with CVC yarn)
Viscose (100%)

Print :
Pigment print
Semi Rubber print
Rubber Print
Flock print
Puff print
Discharge print
Burn Out
Sticker print
Foil print (multicolor)
Afson Print
Glitter print
Plastisol print
High-density Print
Machine print
Rotary print
Tie dye Print
Pigment dye

Embroidery :
Any kind of embroidery (satin, tatami etc)
Appliqué, sequence etc.

If you have any doubts about knit/woven/flat-knit(Sweater) products, then please don’t hesitate to email me at ( and

With warm regards,
Enamul Haque Bipul 

Mobile: +88 01617 706806; Skype: bipul1984
Web: (under development) 
(Jul 04, 2011: up- March-2023)
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