Monday, July 4, 2011

Before place Fabric purchase order.

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Dear All,

Please find below a list of points which should be considered before placing a fabric purchase order. You must check & clearly describe the below mentioned points in your booking sheet and also take confirmation from the fabric supplier. These points will be differ a bit for A) Woven Fabric & B) Knit Fabric  


1. Composition (fabric content)

2. Fabric construction.

3. Warp yarn counts, weft yarn count.

4. Kinds of yarn (O.E/Ring spun/combed/semi-combed/carded

5. Width of fabric

6. Woven by shuttle loom or shuttle less loom.

7. If dyed then dye type.

8. Color fastness to (wet/light/crocking/iron etc.)

9. Piece length with no seam (For example 75% of the fabric longer than 80% yards per piece and maximum 25% between 30 & yards.)

10. Acceptable Quality level (AQL)

11. Loom state desized /softened

12. Finishing / Pre washed / Brushed/Skewed/Pre-Shrink

13. Specially finished ( water-repellent / water-proof / resin finish permanent press procured, permanent press post cured, crinkled, peached on front side)

14. Fabric strength (warp & weft way)

15. Packing for example:

a) Rolled on tube and then each roll in an un tear able Polly bag

b) Folded at one yard length and each piece in an un tear able Polly bag and then so many pieces in a 3-ply carton.

16. Marking and labeling.

To assure accurate length of fabric in each roll, we may want the suppliers to stamp both ends of fabric and yardage written on paper label.


During placing a purchase order of knitted fabric we should specify the followings as mentioned below:

1. Type of Knit

2. Weight per square meter (grammage) GSM.

3. Tubular or Open width

4. Cut selvedges starched to protect curl up.

5. Shrinkage.

6. Dia etc.

The specification of dyes & color fastness standard are also very important. We must be confirmed with the buyer before placing an order to fabric supplier.

We should specify the entire requirement as clearly as possible.

If we don’t specify, we may get

1. Direct dye instead of reactive dye or vat dye.

2. 8% instead of residual shrinkage below 5%

3. Some pcs less than 20 yds instead of minimum piece length 30% yds.

4. Any standard instead of color fastness standard

5. Carded yarn instead combed yarn.


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