Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Calculate the price of Poly bag.

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To calculate the price of a poly bag you need the following 07 (Seven) information at first, as listed below:

i. Poly bag length in inch.

ii. 1/2 length of the flap of poly bag (Here we take 1/2 length because the flap is single).

iii. Poly bag width in inch.

iv. Thickness of the poly bag in mm.

v. Number of print on the poly bag (Here print means the logo, size, warning etc.)

vi. Adhesive length in cm. Normally poly width and adhesive length will be same. 

vii. Polymer rate per pound (lbs) in bd tk of the following poly bag. It may PE or PP or Ldpe etc. 

At present market polymer (dana) rate is 80 tk (It is PP quality).   

So, now just put the following information and get your poly bag price.


  1. pls give the formula to find out the price

  2. pls give the formula.. i like ur all concept..


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