Monday, July 4, 2011

Job lists of a Merchandiser after negotiate the order.

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He has to schedule the following main process to execute the export order perfectly on time. 

1. Fabric requirement calculations.

2. Accessories requirement calculation. Such as – Sewing thread, Button, Label, Poly bag, Carton etc.

3. Sourcing of Fabrics.

4. Confirm the possible date of arrival of fabrics & accessories in the garments factory.

5. Garments Production Planning.

6. Pre shipment inspection schedule.

7. Shipping documents.

All the main functions, mentioned above are important but the procurement of fabric & accessories are most important as because there are many technical parameters involved in specification in this area. In most of cases we found, the procurement (in-house) of fabric for the garments is the major problem. To procure a fabric we should clearly specify the technical specification of the fabric during placing a fabric supply order.


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