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Machine Wise Sewing Thread Consumption PER Inch

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From this post you will get information regarding the sewing thread consumption depending on type of Machine :

Machine Name   Classification    Require thread/inch
Plain Machine,        1 Needle,                   2.5"  
Plain Machine         2 Needle                     5"
Over lock               3 Thread                  13.25"
Over lock               4 Thread                  16.75"
Over lock               5 Thread                  18.75"
Flat lock                 3 Thread                  16.75"
Flat lock                 5 Thread                  22.25"
Bar tack stitching                          7" Generally P/Operation

Button hole stitching                     7" Generally Per Hole

Button Attaching (2 hole)                 3" Per button
Feed of the ARM                           7" For one needle
Kanchai Stitching                          7" For one needle
Back Tape Stitching                      7" For one needle

After this you must include another 25% sewing thread before place the work order.

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  1. Try to use application for garment thread consumption -

  2. Excellent post at all. Could you Please share chain stitch machine thread consumption.

  3. Most machines for beginner sewers in the market today remember different snap-for presser feet, this machine involve 7. embroidery machine


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