Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Calculation of different fibre percentage in knitted fabric

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Normally fabrics are knitted with one kind of yarn but in some cases more than one type of yarn of different counts and combination (mixing of two different fibres) are used. One very common example is knitting of fleece fabric, which is knitted by using fine and course yarns, and one yarn is made of polyester and cotton. Another example is knitting of fabric by using spandex filament and cotton or pure polyester.  In such condition there is a requirement to mention exact percentage of different fibres in the fabric. Supplier has to mention this ratio on label. In this post I will discuss the methods to calculate such percentage with the help of examples.

Find exact composition of different fibres in fleece fabric from the following data:
Yarn count front                                     30s 100 cotton
Yarn count for loop                                 20s 50:50 P/C
Consumption ratio                                  Front: loop 2:1 (by weight)
Suppose for front we need 2Kg yarn and for loop we will be requiring 1 Kg yarn
 Front yarn     2 KGS 100 % cotton    Cotton 2000 grams
 Loop yarn     1 Kg     50:50 P/C       Cotton 500 grams and Polyester 500 grams

Exact Ratio
Cotton total        2.5 Kgs
Polyester            0.5 Kgs

Cotton:          83.33%
Polyester :     16.66

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