Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cost & Consumption calculation of Sweater

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Cost & Consumption calculation of Sweater
From this example we will learn how calculate the price of sweater

Style: Cable leader Jumper, 100% Acrylic, 3 GG
         Weight of yarn = 12.00 LBS/Doz
         Wastage of yarn  = 10%
         Yarn price = $2.50/lbs
         Accessories Cost = $4.00/doz
         CM  = $36.00/doz  

Rules =  {(Sweater garments weight(doz) + Wastage) X Yarn price(per lbs)} + Accessories cost (per doz) + CM (per doz)
= (12.00 + 10%) X $2.50 + $4.00 + $36.00
= (13.2 X $2.50) + $4.00 + $36.00
= $33.00 + $4.00 + $36.00
= $73.00/doz (without any commercial cost)
= $6.0833 / pc



  1. That's a great effort. Thanks, Dear.

    Shall appreciate your feed back here.

    Also shall wait to see many more lessons on RMG (Woven, Knit & Sweater).

  2. How do you calculate CM? How did you consider US$36.00/dz? Is that possible to give breakdown of cost in Winding, Knitting, linking, Finishing and other which cost become in total US$ 36.00/dz. Thanks

  3. How do you calculate CM US$36.00/dz? How can you consider? Could you show the costing of all process where CM become US$36? I mean can you give me the cost chart of Winding, Knitting, Linking, finishing etc which total cost meet US$ 36. How did you consider or calculate of these costs?

  4. Dada thanks for ur article.i m related with knit merchandising. So I have no knowledge about sweater merchandising.Pls provide me what do u mean by Winding, Knitting, Linking, finishing & molding.

  5. Dear Sir
    Can you please give me a consumption chart at XL file like your knit fabric.

  6. I'm a merchandiser of a Korean Sweater company.Your sweater price formula is nice & helpful for me.Thank you very much.If you've more easier formula,kindly publish for us.


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