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A (Abbreviation of some word which used in textile sector)

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aba  a fabric woven from the hair of camels or goats.   A loose sleeveless outer garment worn as traditional dress by men in the Middle East.  If you are not sure where the Middle East is located, you may wish to find a map from our World section.

abaca  a naturally occurring fiber found in the stem of the abaca plant. A member of the banana family, Musa Textilis.  The fiber is also called Manila Hemp, and is used extensively in the manufacture of marine cordage, abrasive backing papers, tea bags, and other products requiring high tensile strength.

accent / novelty yarns   these yarns are very very fine and are not intended to be used by themselves; they are intended to be knit with another yarn and will provide additional color and texture to a finished fabric. They do possibly change the gauge of your fabric, so a swatch is recommended whenever you are going to use an accent yarn to make the necessary adjustment to your needle size. (this definition was kindly provided by Karen at Red Meadow Fiber Arts)

acetate synthetic material with high-sheen and non-cling properties. Frequently used as a inner garment lining and in womens undergarments.

acetate/spandex stretchy, high sheen knit frequently used in womens outer garments. Extremely durable and washable, more so than some plain acetate fabrics.

acrilan (trademark) used for an acrylic fiber.

acrylic fiber a quick-drying synthetic textile fiber made by polymerization of acrylonitrile usually with other monomers.

adhesives are an essential part of the manufacturing process for a variety of apparel applications ranging from applying labels, decorative trim and waterproofing tapes to innovative solutions like stitchless garment construction.

afghan  a blanket or shawl of colored wool knitted or crocheted in strips or squares.

aglet or aiglet is the little plastic or metal cladding on the end of shoelaces that keeps the twine from unraveling. The word comes from the latin word acus which means needle. In times past, aglets were usually made of metal though some were glass or stone.

aiguillette  aglet; specifically, a shoulder cord worn by designated military aides.

amice  amice a liturgical vestment made of an oblong piece of cloth usually of white linen and worn about the neck and shoulders and partly under the alb.  (By the way, if you do not know what an "alb" is, you can find it in this glossary...)

A-line : a dress or skirt that is formed into the shape of an A, tight fitting at the waist and open at the bottom. This flattering silhouette is easy and comfortable to wear. It flares gently away from the body creating a soft, A-line shape. Fit for any body. 

alb  a full-length white linen ecclesiastical vestment with long sleeves that is gathered at the waist with a cincture

alençon  a delicate needlepoint lace.

allover  an embroidered, printed, or lace fabric with a design covering most of the surface (allover the surface).

aloha shirt  Hawaiian shirt

alpaca  true alpaca is a hair fibre form the Alpaca animal, a member of the Ilama family of the South American Andes Mountains.  Also imitated in wool, wool and alpaca, rayon, mohair and rayon or cotton and a cotton warp and alpaca filling also synthetics - e.g. orlon.  Fine, silk-like, soft, light weight and warm.   Has much lustre and aresembles mohair.  If guard hairs are used it is inclined to be boardy.  It is strong and durable.  True alpaca is expensive so often combined with other fibers or imitated by other fibres - e.g. orlon. 

amaranthine  the color of amaranth, i.e., red.

amber a variable color averaging a dark orange yellow.

American Upland Cotton  currently representing the bulk of the world crop, American Upland fiber runs between 3/4" and 1 1/4" .  If you want to learn more about cotton, you can visit our Cotton section.

amethyst  a variable color averaging a mod purple.  Yes, it is also the birth stone for the month of February (I think the entire month, but don't quote me on that...)

angora [Goat / Rabbit]     (Goat) Soft long hair of the Angora goat, often called Mohair. The goat is native to Anatolia in the Angora province of Turkey but is extensively raised today in Texas by western ranchers.    (Rabbit) : Hair from the angora rabbit. Often blended and mixed with wool to lower the price of the finished article or to obtain fancy or novelty effects.

angrakha a long robe with an assymetrical opening in the chest area reching down the knees worn by males in India

ankle strap type of shoe.  This shoe style has a strap that encircles the ankle and is attached at the back.

anklet  a short sock reaching slightly above the ankleIf you are looking for sock factories, click here.

anorak  [Chiefly British] parkaanorak  [Chiefly British] parka

anthrax  a disease known as "woolsorters disease". Mohair, Camel's hair, Alpaca, and Cashmere most liable to carry infection. Both men and animals subject to this infectious disease, which develops a virulent ulcer and high fever. It localizes in the skin or lungs and sometimes in the intestines. Not always fatal. When confined to skin alone, a cure is usually effected. 

application identifier : A numeric prefix to a UCC/EAN-128 code that defines the encoded data to follow. These are generally used as secondary codes to provide information not included in standard UPC numbering, such as product dates, weights and lot/batch numbers. It may also identify a UCC serial shipping container code.

apparel  personal attire; clothing ; clothes ; garments ; fashions ; things one wears to cover thy naked body.

apricot  a variable color averaging a mod orange.

apron  apron a garment of cloth, plastic, or leather tied around the waist and used to protect clothing or adorn a costume

AQL  Acceptance Quality Limit

aqua  a light greenish blue.

aquamarine  a pale blue to light greenish blue.

arctic  a rubber overshoe reaching to the ankle or above

argent  the heraldic color silver or white.

argyle  a sock knit in an argyle pattern, namely varicolored diamonds on a solid background color

armband  a band usually worn around the upper part of a sleeve for identification or in mourning

armlet  a band, as of cloth or metal, worn around the upper arm

armor  defensive covering for the body, generally made of metal, used in combat.   Usually thought of as armor worn in medieval times.  Bullet proof clothing can be considered as modern day armor.

armure  fiber can be of cotton, silk, wool, rayon, synthetics, and blends.  Plain, twill, or rib, background often has a small design either jacquard or dobby made with warp floats on surface giving a raised effect.  Design is often in two colours and raised. The name was derived from original fabric which was woven with a small interlaced design of chain armor and used for military equipment during the Crusades.

art linen  Linen.  Plain weave.   It is woven with even threads that are especially good for embroidery.   It is very easy to "draw" the yarns for drawn thread work.  Comes bleached, or coloured.  Has a soft finish.

ascot  a broad neck scarf that is looped under the chin

ashen resembling ashes (as in color).

astrakhan  a cloth with a usually wool, curled, and looped pile resembling karakul, namely the tightly curled glossy coat of the newborn lamb of a breed of hardy fat-tailed sheep from Uzbekistan with a narrow body and coarse wiry fur.  Poor grades often have cotton warp or back.   Good grades woven with a pile weave and cut. Cheap grades are knitted.   Resembles astrakhan fur. Deep pile with curled loops. Durable and warm.

auburn  a moderate brown.

avante garde : according to one of the Apparel Search viewers, avante garde fashion means, "unique crazy unwearable garments"

avocado  a light yellowish green.

azure  the blue color of the clear sky

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