Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Knitting Machine Production calculation

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Before explaining the method to calculate the nominal production capacity of the knitting machine it is imperative to be well aware of count and denier system and one should also be familiar with the conversion factors. Yarn is sold and purchased in the form of cones and bags. Cones and bags have certain weights. Still in the international market yarn is sold in pounds not in kilograms. Bags are of 100 pounds, which is equal to 45.3697 kgs. Previously there were 40 cones in a bag but now there are bags available of 25 cones. In other words cones are of 2.5 pounds and four pounds. Big size cones are most suitable for knitting. When these cones are used in warping then there is a need to know the length of certain weight of yarn.  And some time length is available and some one wants to know the weight of the yarn and in some cases count of the yarn is required. In the following lines we will give methods to calculate above-mentioned figures.It is imperative to be well aware of count system.

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