Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nominal Production of knitting machines

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One very simple way to calculate knitting machine production by weighing the total production of one hour or one shift or one day. This will be most realistic production value but we cannot get knitting machine capacity in this way. There is a scientific way to calculate optimum production figure of any machine. This needs certain information and some calculation. In the following lines we will explain this method in detail and will give some example so that one can be familiar to this process. In the end we will give an equation to calculate the knitting capacity of the machine. In this method following information for production calculation are required:

  • Machine Guage and Dia
  • RPM Knitting Machine
  • Yarn Count 
  • Stitch Length

From these figures we can calculate the length of yarn being used by the machine in one hour and then by converting this length into weight with the help of count given we can calculate the quantity of yarn being consumed by machine in one hour. This would be the optimum production of the machine. This optimum production can be converted into nominal production by multiplying it with efficiency.  In the next some post I will explain this with few examples.

In the next some post I will explain the method to calculate nominal production capacity of knitting machine. It is commonly believed that we can run knitting machine up to 85% efficiency. However, by creating most suitable environment one can increase machine efficiency.

For this we need following figures:
Machine speed RPM
Machine guage
Machine Dia
Count/ denier of yarn being used
Stitch length

From the above-mentioned figures we can calculate the length of yarn being used in one revolution and if we know the length and count of yarn then it is quite easy to calculate weight of yarn (see Post: How do Calculate weight of cotton yarn for more details)

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