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How do calculate the Embroidery thread consumption?

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Details of embroidery thread consumption.

Dear All,
Today I will explain that, how can you calculate the embroidery thread. From this you will know how many cones (of thread) you need to completed the following pcs of garments (embroidery). Details as under:


Number of Garments Qty – 10,000 pcs

Stitch qty in the followings embroidery design – 4,500 (stitch)

type of stitch – Satin

Length of thread in the cones – 3,000 meter

Stitch length – 6 mm or 7 mm (It’s depend on stitch type, but don’t worry because normally it will be 6 or 7, so use any one without any hesitation, for sating type stitch it will be 7 mm & 6 mm for tatami)  

Let’s calculate how many cones thread we need to complete the 10,000 pcs garments with the followings embroidery design.


= Number of Garments qty X Number of stitch X 7 / 1000  / meter per cone.

= 10,000 X 4,500 X 7 / 1,000 / 3,000

= 45,000,000 X 7 / 1,000 / 3,000 (here 45,000,000 is the total stitch qty and 7 is the length of a single stitch)

= 315,000,000 / 1,000 / 3,000 (here 315,000,000 is the total length of stitch, unit of its is millimeter, by dividing with 1,000 we are making it meter, because 1000 mm = 1 meter )

= 315,000 / 3,000 

= 105 cones  (Regarding the wastage, please note that, the stitching of embroidery totally operate by machine and practically found the wastage is below 1%, however for safety you can booked 1% more thread for production.)

So, we will purchase 105 cones thread for complete the 10,000 pcs garments

Hope, everything’s is now clear to all.
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  1. Dear Bipul bro
    Its a fantastic information but i have a little bit problem in
    Number of Garments qty X Number of stitch / 1000 X 7 / qty of meter in the cone
    whats the indicator is 1000. 1000 is what?
    pls I am looking for your kind replay

    1. Dear Safaet Jamil,

      Sorry for my late reply.
      However, I have already explain the rules for your better understanding in my post. Please & confirm your understanding.


  2. Bipul,

    you didn't add wastage in this formula.Is this correct?


  3. Bipul,

    You did not add any wastage in your formula.Is this correct?

    1. I have already explain the rules for your better understanding in my post. Please check & confirm your understanding.


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  6. Hi Bipul,

    The above is my practice to calculate the Thread consumption. But my current work place is not accepting this.

    1. Can you explain what will be the practical way of testing this. Doing by measuring exact Mts & rewinding by Hand/machine in to a cone/bobin will not be reflect this in an Emb Machine(This we did & it consumed twice the consumption of calculating with above method.

    2.T/f can you please explain how we can do test to prove this.

    3. Also let us know the ratio we should allocate fr Top & Bottom(Bobbin)

  7. Dear bipul Vai,

    How i calculate it for schiffli embroidery.


  8. Dear Bipul Vai,

    how i calculate it for schiffli embroidery.

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  10. what's the difference between dice cutting & laser cutting ? Which is better for quality? Would you explain , please.

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