Monday, September 12, 2011

How do Select the correct Yarn count for your specific fabric(S/jersey) GSM ?

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Select the correct Yarn count for single jersey fabric:

In my this post I will introduce you with some equations, with which we can select the actual yarn count for knit the fabric. These are vary for fabric types.

Single Jersey 

Say, the require GSM is 160

Yarn count  = (-0.141) X (GSM) + 50.22

                   = (-0.141) X (160) + 50.22

                   = -22.58 + 50.22

                   = 27.66

So, to knit 160 gsm single jersey fabric we need yarn count 27.66/s

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  1. Dear Bipul Vai, Um working in a buying house as a asst. merchandiser... um totally raw... pls explain me the above formula.... like what is (-0.141) & what is 50.22......


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