Friday, September 23, 2011

Some common Garment Defects.

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Dear All,

Please find below some common Garments Defects which we generally found during production.  

Sewing Defects

Ø  Open seams,
Ø  Wrong stitching techniques,
Ø  Non- matching threads,
Ø  Missing stitches,
Ø  Improper creasing of the garment,
Ø  Erroneous thread tension and raw edges.

Color Defects

Ø  Variation of color between the sample and the final garment,
Ø  Wrong color combinations and mismatching dyes should always be avoided.

Sizing Defects

Ø  Wrong gradation of sizes,
Ø  Difference in measurement of various parts of a garment like sleeves of XL size for body of L size garment can deteriorate the garments beyond repair.

Others Defects

Ø  Broken buttons or defective buttons,
Ø  Broken snaps,
Ø  Broken stitches,
Ø  Different shades within the same garment,
Ø  Dropped stitches,
Ø  Exposed notches and raw edges,
Ø  Fabric defects,
Ø  Fabric holes,
Ø  Faulty zippers,
Ø  Loose or hanging  sewing threads,
Ø  Misaligned buttons and holes,
Ø  Missing buttons,
Ø  Needle cuts or chews,
Ø  Pulled yarn or loose yarn,
Ø  Stains,
Ø  Unfinished buttonhole,
Ø  Short zippers,
      Ø In appropriate trimmings etc.

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