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Calculate the real size measurement.

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Real size measurement

Normally at the beginning of any new style/order buyer has send us a Size spec & art work of the styling with others some information’s such as print /embroidery design or stripe width (if it yarn dyed).
But sometime, buyer did not give us the real size measurement of print/embroidery/stripe repetition etc.
In this situation you can easily find out the real size measurement without knocking buyer again & again.

Suppose buyer has sent you a art work of yarn dyed t-shirt along with size spec. But you found that, stripe width & repetition is not mentioned anywhere in the art work. Then what you will do?


The body length is 73 cm (from hps)
½ chests is 52 cm
And we know 1 cm = 10 millimeter (mm)

Now print the art work and take the measurement of body length (on the printed paper)

Suppose it is 7.3 cm or 73 mm, so the Proportional rate between real size and the printed paper size is 73 cm ÷ 7.3 cm = 10 (remember it)

Now take the measurement of stripe repetition
Suppose you found it is 8.5 mm, so the real size repetition measurement will be 8.5 mm X 10 = 85 mm

So, now we can tell that, the real size repetition (measurement) will be 85 mm ÷ 10 = 8.5 cm (1 cm = 10 mm).

So now we understand that the main thing is Proportional rate, by which we can calculate the measurement of any part.

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