Sunday, October 30, 2011

Correct dimension of print

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Dear All,

Today we will learn how calculate the real size dimension of print.

Suppose, you have got a print art work from your buyer with only mentioned the measurement of length, but we also need the correct width of print for making the correct sample.

Though it is the responsibility of print factories/designer, but it is also essential for you to know this calculation. Because, many times we found that, buyer provided design is not placing correctly in  all the sizes, also some time the print designer make mistake  during scaling the print design.  

So, it is very essential for a merchandiser to know the calculation process to ensure that, the design & dimension is correct.

Please find below process –

Actually the real size calculations process is very very simple -----

If you don’t have the hard copy of print art work then at first print the art work.
In the art work, buyer has mentioned the length of print is 30 cm tall. But he has not mentioned the width of the print.

Now, at first take the measurement of print length & width from the printed copy of paper.

Suppose, you found
Print length 21 cm (but in real size it should be 30 cm, as per written on the art work)
Print width 16 cm (We should find out real size measurement of this print width)

As, we got the measurement of print length is 21 cm instead of 30 cm. So, the proportional rate will be as under:

= Require measurement of print length / measurement of print length, which we got from the printed paper.
= 30 / 21
= 1.4286

So, the real size print width will be
= 16 cm (print width, which we got from paper copy) X 1.4286
= 22.85 cm. (this is the real size print width)

If any one have any doubt regarding above calculations process then please call or mail me.


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