Friday, December 9, 2011

The Screen Printing

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The Screen (Manual) Printing

Though the most (manual screen, flat bed printing, rotary print etc) of the printing type are related with screen but here I will called the manual screen printing as a “Screen Print”
The screen print is the most common technique of printing. More than 90 percent printing factory are used this technique. The cost of established a screen print factory is lower than others type of screen print factory, such as Flat bed printing, rotary printing, Machine (auto) print etc.

Please find my next several post for get the list of machinery & materials’ which is commonly used to establish a screen print.



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  2. Hi, Nice Blog you have here, really informative.

    Can you please tell me what type of quality print I can expect from doing foil prints on 95% cotton/5% lycra?


    1. Hi,

      Please note that, foil is a glossy paper. When doing foil print at first we past the gum on body parts as per design then we attached the foil paper on it by using heat press machine.

      You can also add another types of print in the same body with the foil print.

      In the market you will found several color foil paper.


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    4. Dear Bipul vai,

      In the market i have come to know only below colors foil are common:
      01. Silver
      02. Red
      03. Golden

      Pls confirm if there are any other foil colors are available. Also pls inform the types of glitter which is common in market. I know below types of glitter are commom/available:

      1. Black
      2. rainbow
      3. transparent


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