Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabric Dyeing process of Single Jersey Average Color

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Dyeing process of S/J Avg Clr (Any GSM)

Dyeing Process

Fabrication: 100% cotton, Single Jersey, Average Color, Any GSM

A) Dyeing

1st Step: Scouring (detergent wash) the fabric in the dyeing winch and released the water for perform the next process. 

2nd Step: Labeling the fabric by labeling agent which increased the PH of fabric.

3rd Step: Soda / Salt wash.

4th Step: Mixing the specific color (reagent) for dye the fabric. Or if fabric color is white then we used brightener chemical in this step. And step 06 is not require for white color fabric.

5th Step: Acid washes (after released color mixing water) 

6th Step: Color fixing by fixer. 

7th Step: Softener.

B) Finishing

For tube form

8th Step: Squeezer

9th Step: Dryer.

10th Step: Shrinkage Report (Optional)

11th Step: Tube Compacting

For open width fabric

8th Step: Slitting

9th Step: Stentering (For Dia adjust)

10th Step: Open Compacting (For length wise shrinkage control)

Now the fabric is ready for cutting. Please test the Shrinkage, Color shade, Gsm before start cutting.



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