Saturday, February 25, 2012

Machine Wise Sewing Operation (knit Items)

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Some Common Machine wise Sewing Operations.

From my this post you will got a common list of sewing operations based on knitted items. 

Plain Machine
  1. Placket Rolling
  2. Placket Box
  3. Nose Tack
  4. Neck Tack
  5. Sleeve Tack
  6. Neck Rib Tack
  7. Collar Top Stitch
  8. Neck Top Stitch
  9. Pocket Join
  10. Side Band Top Stitch
  11. Label Join.

Over Lcok Machine
  1. Shoulder Join
  2. Sleeve Join
  3. Side Seam
  4. Neck Join

Flat Lcok Machine
  1. Shoulder Top Stitch
  2. Armhole Top Stitch
  3. Neck Top Stitch
  4. Sleeve Rolling
  5. Bottom Hemming

Please be informed that, the above list is not a complete list. 


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