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Making Process Of Polo-shirt. (1st part)

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Dear All,

Today we will learn how a garments factory make a polo shirt. Here you will see some video of some special process. However, I will also try to describe you all the points in details.

Details of the style
  • Item: Men's Polo shirt
  • Fabrication: 100% cotton, Single Jersey, 160/170 gsm, 
  • Flat knit collar
  • Pocket at front left chest.
  • 02 (two logo button with pearl plastic quality, 20 ligne)

1st Step
Prepare the fabric booking : After approval of fit sample & received the final PO sheet from buyer, pattern/cutting section will make a correct pattern set of all the sizes. In middle class factory normally merchandiser do the consumption with the help of cutting master after placed the pattern of on marker paper. In this regards please always remember one thing if the orders qty is with size wise ratio then you must consider it during the making marker with pattern. I will discuss more details regarding the marker in near future. After get the consumption & dia confirmations merchandiser will booked the fabric and hand over the color & construction wise fabric break up sheet to fabric department. During this merchandiser should provide them all the lab dip approval with other instructions. Please also booked the collar & cuff.

2nd Step
Prepare the Accessories booking: In same time of booking  the fabric merchandiser also should booked the accessories. Merchandiser should ensue that, the store will receive all the sewing accessories before in house of the the fabric. Sewing accessories means - Sewing thread, main/size label, care label, tape etc. Merchandiser should always follow up the sewing production because when a minimum qty will be output he should try to book the finishing accessories like as - Poly, Carton etc. Before booked the poly & back board he must confirm the folding way with buyer. Also merchandiser should take approval of shipping mark, sticker & carton quality from his buyer. Some others accessories like as - hang tag, hang tag string, thinner, spot lifter, inter lining, he must booked these at the same time of fabric booking. After received these trims he should make a trim card and distribute to all the sections. Store department should count & check the quality of all the accessories before start sewing production and also provide a inventory report to merchandiser.

3rd Step
Production planning: After placing all the booking he should discuss with the planning for a production planning. Maximum middle class factory do not follow this procedure.

4th Step
Quality check of fabric: After receive the fabric from dyeing the fabric Q.C department will check the color shade, Gsm,  dia, shrinkage, twisting etc and acknowledged the merchandiser accordingly. The fabric q.c team will also check the count the collar & check the others quality. A middle class factory need a strong  quality team for fabric because normally they do the dyeing in others factory.

5th Step
Fabric Cutting: After receive the green signal from fabric q.c team and merchandiser, cutting section will be start trial cutting at first. At the same time cutting section will check the consumption again in real fabric. They will confirm to the merchandiser that how pcs they can be able to cut from the received fabric. It is very important because some time we need extra fabric due to the increased of fabric GSM. Merchandiser should re booked the short qty fabric if needed.

6th Step
Size set & PP sample: After received the bulk fabric production section will make size set sample and check the measurement & shrinkage of fabric. After checking the size set sample they will adjust the pattern and will be make a pre production sample for buyer approval. During the size set sample production department will setup the line layout. Step 5th & 6th will be done at the same time.


Read my next post regarding Sewing process.


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  4. I am very thank full for that post, Great knowledge about men polos. I like process information as well. Thank you

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