Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Common Fabric (Knit) Problem

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During the production of a knitted items, our first step is producing the fabric. Fabric producing means Knit the yarn with knitting machine to make the specific fabric in grey form. Then we dye the grey fabric in our require color in dyeing section.

Actually fabric producing is the main & most important step for a knit items. In the fabric producing section very often we get many kinds of problem.  Please find below some common problem of them -

Common Problem of Fabric (Knitting & Dyeing)

  1. Shade Variations.
  2. Color Spot
  3. Creased Mark
  4. Soil Mark
  5. Running Shade
  6. Dia Problem
  7. GSM Problem
  8. Shrinkage Problem
  9. Twisting 
  10. Fabric Hole
  11. Sat-up
  12. Slab Yarn
  13. Foreign Yarn
  14. Oil Spot
  15. Needle Mark / Ass Mark
  16. Sinker Mark
  17. Squeezer Mark.
  18. Pat-ta
  19. Naps
  20. Dead Fiber
These above problem can be raise from knitting, as well as from dyeing also. Such as - Creased Mark: If we use mix needle in the knitting machine then we will found this problem, also if we take long time before start squeezer or take long time in the dyeing winch than normal period then creased mark may arise. 

Also if the fabric stay in the winch at idle position of the machine or stop the machine for power failure or any other reason then Running shade can be arise. Others hands the poor scouring is caused of running shade. 

Please note that, very soon I will try to describe briefly the above problem with picture. 

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