Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fabric Finishing Machinery (Part 02)

Details of Fabric Finishing Machinery

Presented by: Subash
E-mail: sreesubash12278@gmail.com

  • Stenter is used for Heat setting the Elastane blended fabrics and also for the drying process.
  • Clips and pins are being used to hold the fabric inside the chambers where hot air is circulated by using nozzles in different conditions according to the process. (For Example – for heat setting the hot air temp would be around 200 deg C and for drying the hot air temp would be around 160 deg C).
  • Over feeding technology is provided to improve the physical characteristics of the fabric such as shrinkage,GSM,etc.,
  • Normal finishes as well as specialty finishes can be carried out with the padding attachment given in the machine.
  • A Weft Straightner can be included in the feeding zone to control the spirality of the fabric. 


  • Compacting is an important process to improve the Dimensional Stability and the hand feel of the fabric.
  • The fabric will be passed through felt or rubber or metal shoe arrangements on a cylinder which should be heated by using steam and the fabric gets required dimensional stability when it passes through the compacting units.


  • Raising is a process to add value of the fabric.
  • Normally fleece / loop knit fabrics which are having loop structure in one side will be undertaken for the raising finish.
  • Raising effect will be occurred by using drum contains the piles and counter piles made by needles will rotates opposite direction of the fabric passing.
  • Sueding and peach finishing is nothing but the mild brushing of the fabric surface by using bristles made on nylon. 

              Author : Mr. Subash 
              (Tripur, Tamil Nadu, India)

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