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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fabric Inspection: 4 point system

Presented By : Shourov Hasan 

Important points to be considered wiring inspection as follows:

1. Defect must be measured length \ vlse.

2. Maximum penalty points per yard are 4.

3. Defects within 1\2" oe selvedge not considered.

4. Acceptance level up to 40 points/100 sq. yards. (depends on biter & supplier) as per asq

5. Above 40 points /100 sq. Yds lot will be rejected / 2nd quality. (depends on buyer & supplier)

6. Defect must be marked by arrow sticker/color thread.

7. Fabric length, width, roll no, defect and other information must be recorded properly.

8. result: per 100 sq. yards as per asq

9. Result: per 100 yds. As per kta.

Penalty points are assigned according to size of defects for 4 points system :

Warp  and    Weft Directions

Length       of defect       Penalty points

Up  to            3"                     1

                    3"-6"                  2

                    6"-9"                  3

More than       9"                    4

Maximum penalty points per yd. are 4. Defects within 1/2" of selvedge disregarded.

The system is recommended for use where smaller - defects are critical and for fabric of wider widths and also this is very suitable for sample inspection.