Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fabric Inspection: Sample size & Inspection Conditions.

Presented By : Shourov Hasan

Sample size

The best is 100% but could be costly. As an alternative a smaller sample size could be decided considering the available time, space, equipment and staff. Often a 10% sample is inspected to obtain an estimate of the quality.

In inspecting a sample, a representative sample should be drawn at random. A stratified sample-would give a better picture.

Inspecting conditions

The inspected results would depend on the conditions under which the inspection is performed. It is essential to indicate these conditions when preparing a report.

(1) light- top light the light recommended is two fluorescent tubes, 40 w, parallel to each other, perpendicular to the direction of the fabric, about 4 feet above the surface, back light defused light.

(2) Speed a speed of 15 - 20 yds. per minutes is normally used, but should be decided on (he. type of fabric, nature of the defects and the end use.


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