Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fabric Inspection

Presented By : Shourov Hasan

Objective of Fabric Inspection:

The objective of fabric inspection is to ascertain whether the fabric received is ol" I he expected Quality standard or not. The main objective is detection of fabric defects and nonconformance as early as possible. So that the time and money are not wasted in the manufacturing, process. The ultimate goal of any quality control activity in clothing' industry is to satisfy the customers.

Importance of Fabric Inspection:

As we know that fabric are the main and costly raw materials of a garment. So it is very important to use fabric efficiently and control wastage of fabric. On the other hand fabric defects are the maximum defects of garments, for which many-unexpected problem may occur in a clothing industry. Such as- short shipment, discount, low price etc.

To avoid all above problems and to take preventive measures fabric inspection is very important for a clothing industry. It is also important for the following aspects:

1) Improve product quality

2) Minimize waste

3) Reduce the cost

4) Avoid short shipment/Order cancellation.

5) Increase productivity

A fabric inspection only addresses itself to patent defects because they are the ones which can be recognized by a reasonable inspection. Any reasonable inspection can be performed by using Grading System.

Grading Systems

There arc-different types of standard grading systems in practice. A system is agreed or selected by mutual acceptance between supplier and buyer. Some of the available grading systems are given Below:

(a) 4 point system

(b) 10 point system

(c) Graniteville '78' system

(d) 6 point system

(e) Dallas system


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