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Industrial Sewing Machine Classifications

Different kind of sewing machine

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Normally for sew cloth & attached the trims we use various kinds of machineries. Today we will learn about some different kinds of sewing stitch & industrial sewing machine.

Normally these machineries which are used for sewing in apparel industry are called industrial sewing machine. Details of sewing stitch and machine are as under

Industrial Sewing Machine

A. Lock Stitch Machine (ISO stitch code – 300)

B. Chain stitch Machine (ISO stitch code – 100 & 400)

C. Hand Stitch Machine (ISO stitch code – 200)

D. Welding bonding Machine

A. Lock Stitch

1. General Lock stitch -> 01 (one) needle and 02 (two) needle sewing machines

2. Zig Zag Stitching 
->  Zigzag stitching machine, and embroidering sewing machines

3. Blind stitching 
->  Blind stitching machine

4. Special lockstitch 
->  Buttonhole machine, bar tack machine and button stitch machine.

B. Chain Stitch

i) Normal chain stitch (ISO stitch code – 100)

ii) Double chain stitch (ISO stitch code – 400)

iii) Over-edge chainstitch (ISO stitch code – 500)

iv) Covering chainstitch (ISO stitch code – 600)

i) Normal Chain stitch(ISO stitch code – 100)

1. General chain-stitch -> Blind stitching and basting

2. Chainstitch blind stitching -> Chain-stitch blind stitching machine

3. Special single chain-stitch -> Chainstitch button sewing machine

ii) Double chain stitch (ISO stitch code – 400)

1. General double chain-stitch  ->  01 (one) needle to multi-needle sewing machine

2. Zigzag stitch 
-> Zigzag sewing machine

3. Special double chain-stitch 
->  Eyelet buttonhole machine

4. Compound stitch 
->  Safety stitch machine (interlock machine)

iii) Over-edge chain stitch (ISO stitch code – 500)

1. Compound stitch  -> Safety stitch machine (interlock machine)

2. Various over lock sewing machine

iv) Covering chain stitch (ISO stitch code – 600)

1. 02 (two) needle, 3 (three) needle and 4 (four) needle sewing machine

C. Hand Stitch Machine (ISO stitch code – 200)

1. General hand stitching  -> hand stitching sewing machine

2. Special hand stitching 
-> Wrapped-around button stitch machine.

D. Welding bonding Machine

1. The work to be processed is welded or bonded or bonded as a substitute for seams.

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