Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stitch Defects in Fabric

Presented By : Shourov Hasan

There are various kinds of stitch defects like:

Boardy: The knitted fabric becomes boardy (a stiff or harsh hand) when the stitches have been knit very tightly.

Cockled or puckered: If the knitted fabric is cockled or puckered, it is due to uneven stitches or uneven yarn size.

Dropped Stitch: This is an un knitted stitch caused either by the yarn carrier not having been set properly or the stitch having been knitted too loosely.

Run or ladder: A run or ladder indicates a row of dropped stitches in the wale.

Hole: A large hole or a press off is the result of a broken yarn at a specific needle feed so that knitting cannot occur.

Tucking: This is the result of an unintentional tucking in the knitted fabric. This is also called the bird's eye defect.

  Float: This is caused by a miss stitch which is the result of failure of one or more needles to have been raised to catch the yarn.


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