Friday, April 27, 2012

Different types of Cotton Yarn (Combed/Card etc)

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Depends on the quality there are mainly two types of cotton yarn are normally found in our production field.   Those are as follows:

Combed Yarn : The yarn which is made from finest and longer fiber we called combed yarn. 
This type of yarn is very fine for Fabric production. Please find below some points of combed yarn

  • Quality of this types of yarn is very Smooth.
  • Even very soft yarn. 
  • The strength is higher than other (carded) types yarn.
  • Price  is higher than other (carded) types yarn.
  • Softness is higher than other (carded) types yarn. 
  • It produces high quality fabrics.

Carded yarn : The yarn which is made form short staple and lower quality fiber are called Carded yarn. Mainly the the name card come from a machine of spinning section. Carding is an operation , that occurred in spinning section. The yarn which is formed by carding operation is called carded yarn.

Please find below some points of carded yarn

This types of yarns are –

  • Low cost
  • Harder hand fillings.
  • Strength low.
  • It is use to produce normally low quality fabrics.
  • Dyeing and knitting wastage is very high.

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