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Learn Apparel Merchandising Learn Fashion design.

Job List of a Merchandiser


  1. Once sampling is completed Head of concern Merchandiser forwards the order file to the Head of Quality Control along with the approved sample & a copy of projected production schedule. Make sure the file is forwarded at least 5 days before start of actual production.
  2. A meeting should be conducted between the Head of Merchandising Department, Concern Merchandiser, Head of Quality Control & Quality Control Officer (Production) discussing all the details of order.
  3. Obtain an instruction sheet covering all the required information from the quality control officer & approve.
  4. Make sure any new comments are added into the instruction sheet.
  5. Regular follow up should be made with the suppliers & Quality Control regarding the status of production.
  6. Make sure the Quality Control Department conducts all the required inspections i.e. Fabric Quality Testing, ILC, IPC, MPC & FRI for every order. For large volumes make certain, there are more than 1 MPC being conducted by the quality control.
  7. Obtain reports of all the inspection conducted i.e. Fabric Quality Testing, ILC, IPC, MPC & FRI for every order from quality control & keep a copy for record.
  8. Visit the supplier at least during one inspection.
  9. Make sure that FRI is conducted at least 2 days before the shipment date.
  10. Once FRI is OK, inform buyer.
  11. Update Order Checklist.


  1. Inform Head of Quality Control for Shipment Sample.
  2. Obtain 2 sets of shipment samples from the Quality Control Department of all sizes covering all colors or as specified by the Customer. One or two pieces to be provided to concerned Merchandiser & all remaining to Manager Administration. In case where buyer requires shipment samples receive one complete set from Quality Control.
  3. Shipment samples should be available to the merchandisers the next day of FRI.
  4. Upon receipt of samples, conduct a thorough check & match these against customer specifications.
  5. Thoroughly check the getup, styling, stitching, fabric quality, fabric construction/GSM, hand feel, washing standard, finishing, & accessories.
  6. Prepare Shipment sample format sheet.
  7. Head of department will give the final approval.
  8. If required, forward the shipment sample to the customer’s on as & when received basis.
  9. Ensure that buyer receives the samples as per their precise requirement.
  10. Forward one set of shipment samples to administration department.
  11. Keep remaining samples in the department for future use & maintain a register.
  12. Update Order Checklist

TO BE CONTINUE................ 


  1. Dear Bipul vai , Please tell me the what is ILC, IPC, MPC & FRI

  2. Dear Bipul vai , Please tell me the what is ILC, IPC, MPC & FRI


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