Friday, May 18, 2012

Quality Control Procedure (Part 01)

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A) Yarn quality and yarn count check.          
B) Lab dip approval
C) Grey fabric check at the knitting stage,
D) Fabrics, collar cuff, rib etc check with approval
E) Fabrics feel in-house test report check each batch.
F) Shrinkage, gsm, color fastness double check in own office.
G) " CMC" report " DEL" "E" value check hatch batches'
H) Shade continuity card all dye lot and keep record.
I) Bulk fabrics approval color wise (if necessary style and order wise also)

*** "CMC" and "DEL" "E"  - Click here

2) Pre production:
Pre production sample approval with all accessories (actual)

3) Cutting:

A) Pattern check with approval sample and spec
B) Test cutting should cover all the sizes and color.
C) Check measurement details.
D) Bulk cutting approval and fabrics lay as per buyer requirement.

4) Sewing:

A) Check accessories, trim with approval
B) Check machineries fitness
C) Check stitch count per inch all sewing operation as per buyer requirement.
D) Machine feet "pressure mark" all swe1ng operation (i.e. placket, placket box, collar, rib and armhole) must be control. Machine feet pressure- mark for darker color not acceptable.
E) Machine tension (O/l, P/m, F/L) operation wise check.
F) For ale the trousers make sure that back & forth stitching on the crouch.
5) Finishing:
A) Press garments flat, do not press front placket, collar, front panel armhole and all seam area.
B) All over lock raw edges (i.e. Armhole side seam) laying under the garments same direction
C) For darker color iron show must be used before ironing.
D) Folding and card board marks is not show when garments is flat.
E) Any accessories mark (it. Label, hang tag, tag pin, safety pin, button) are not acceptable.

6) Packing:
A) After folding garments should be neat and clean both side than put in to poly bag and sealed
B) Presentation and get up check before carton.
C) No pressures when closed the carton.
D) Top, bottom, card board and divider must be need before closing the carton’s


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    " CMC" report " DEL" "E" value check hatch batches

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