Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quality Control Procedure (Part 02)

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Factory Quality procedure

Make Up / Examination / Pressing & Packing

1. Continuity

Before fabric is issued to the cutting department, a swatch is to be taken off each dye batch of fabric, plus collars and cuffs, and mounted onto a continuity card for checking against approved swatch. If a batch is received which does not match the approved swatch, then the fabric is to be rejected. Collars and cuffs should be tested and treated in the same way.

2. Collars/cuffs

Ensure that the correct lot numbers are attached to the main fabric

3. Cutting table

Whew laying out fabric only lay out one lot number at a tune. Check for dye evenness, knitting faults and hand feel.

4. Numbering
a. Each sleeve, front and back panels, and placket should be numbered. In addition, the back neck tape should be given a matching lot number.

b. Stall should be organized so as to have one person sticking numbers, and another bundling.

5. Sewing

a. When bundles of work arc loaded onto the line, the line supervisor should check that collars, culls, plackets and body panels have the same lot number before stitching begins

b. When cutting down the ccntie of the placket, make sure that the cut is slightly to the left hand side as worn. This should ensure that the placket docs not break out on the* right hand bottom corner

c. Check labels.

6. Thread trimmings

Ensure all thread ends are cleanly cut.

7. Initial Examination to be done by helpers on line

The following should be checked

a. All scams for cracking, missed stitching, tensions etc.

b. All top stitching.

c. Buttons and button holes.

d. Placket for breaking out at bottom corner,

e. All seams for needle damage

f. Shoulder tape twisted.

g. Twin needle stitching around neck / armholes is not cracking

h. Twin needle hemming to ensure no raw edges arc visible.

i. Sew in labels arc positioned at the centre of die back neck.

j. Collars are marked to the correct measurement.

k. Tensions.

l. Shoulder tape secure.

m. Neck stretch is achievable and not cracking.

To be continue...................

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