Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quality Control Procedure (Part 04)

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1. On completion of dyeing / finishing, check the following points prior to cutting:

a. Main fabric, collars, cuffs and neck rib - all dye lot’s are correct shade to the approved swatch

b. Fabric appearance.

c. Collars, culls and neck rib - weight and knitting tensions are consistent.

d. Submit one meter of fabric for testing across all color ways stated on contract.

e. If all die above checks are satisfactory, release to cutting department. Ensure fabric is cut on the grain

The following checks should be made at the start of production:

a. Spot check lines for major / minor defects as identified in classification. Ensure make up meets the standards of the sealed sample and that any customer comments are adhered to.

b. Check for shading in garments.

c. Check measurement's are within size chart tolerance

d. Check pressing standards are maintained.

e. Check sew in labels are inserted as per the information on the contract.

f. Check that supervisors and quality inspectors are working to given procedures.

g. Submit production samples and complete quality report sheet.

h. Communicate by mobile and fax any problems encountered in the factory at production stage.

Stock quality audit role check as listed below :

a. Stock to be checked in accordance with the major / minor defects classification using the attached sampling plan guide. Always check stock against the seal sample and comments made.

b. Sew in labels / kimballs.

c. Packaging - i.e. correct size poly bag, and correct pack ratio. d. Cartons - i.e. quality, dimensions, description detail on outside of carton.


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