Friday, May 11, 2012

Some Grey Yarn Problems

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      When we dye the fabrics in various color then some portion of yarn is not absorbs the dye molecule. This problem is called contamination.

      We understand by the term the variation in X- Sectional area of a yarn. It is a great fault of a yarn. For this fault we get the following problems in production field-
  1. Needle breakage 
  2. Yarn Breakage
  3. Un-even shade 
  4. GSM Variation
  5. Fabric surface are not smooth & soft & good fillings. 

  • MIX LOT 
      When we use different lot (yarn) for one production then it is called mix lot . For this reason fabric got    uneven dyeing shade/ shade variation.

     Pattra are different types that we found in our production field –
  1. Yarn patta ( Thick & Thin/ mix lot)
  2. Color patta (Thick & Thin/ mix lot, temp,)
  3. Roller patta ( tention variation in take up roller)
  4. Tension patta ( Tention Variation) 
  5. Cam patta ( Feeder Missing)


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