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Introduction to fully fashioned knitwear (Part 01)

Presented by: Rashedul al rashid
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Fully Fashion Knitwear

Introduction to fully fashioned knitwear

The fabric is an assembly (weaving, knitting & bonding) of fiber or yarn which form a structure and which has length, width and thickness.

Based on fabric construction & manufacturing garments:

Woven fabric is made by the interlacement of two set of yarns (one set is called warp and other set is called weft) at right (90˚) angle.

What is knitting?

It’s a process of fabric manufacture by converting yarn into loop form and then these loops interlock/ intermesh/ interloped together which form a structure is called knitting or knitted structure.

OR Interlocking and loops which form a structure is called knitting.

  • Wales is the vertical column of knitted structure. (WPI: Wales Per Inch)

·         Course is the horizontal row of knitted structure. (CPI: Course Per Inch)

  • Loop is the bending/kinking of yarn.
  • Warp: Interlocking the loops vertically.
  • Weft: Interlocking the loops horizontally.

Warp knit structure:
Warp knit structure:

Classification of Knitted Structure:

Small dia machine:
  • Socks
Large dia machine:

Fabrics for clothing like;
  • Single jersey
  • Rib knitted structure
  • Double jersey/ Interlock
  • La-Coste or /Pique
  • T-shirt, Polo shirt, Skirt, Briefs etc

Hand driven Power driven machine:
  • Sweater, Pullover, Cardigan etc
Tricot and Rashcel machine:
Mostly for non apparel item like;
  • Mosquito net
  • Mesh fabric (have tiny holes)
  • Power net (used in lamp which is burn to light)
  • Fish net
  • Laces etc

Differences between hard driven and power driven of Flat bed knitting:
Hand driven
Power driven
  1. Driven manually
  1. Driven by power
  1. Can produce limited design
  1. Can produce unlimited design
  1. Low volume production
  1. High volume production
  1. Integrated garment not possible
  1. Integrated garment possible

To be continue....

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