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Introduction to fully fashioned knitwear (Part 06)

Presented by: Rashedul al rashid
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Fully Fashion Knitwear

Production Sequence of Fully Fashioned Knitwear (Sweater)

(Production Flow Chart)

  • Winding: To convert hank to cone. (For easy knitting)
  • Note: Cone is made based on Ply.
In case of sweater the consumption is calculate based on the weight.
  • In sweater manufacturing wastage depends on some factors.
There are two types of wastage:
  1. Production &
  2. Merchandising
Factors of Production Wastage:
  • Types of gauge
  • Material quality
Wastage consider in case of types of gauge and material quality:
  • In case of normal gauge/ regular gauge (3G, 5G, 7G); 4% production wastage is considered except chenille yarn.
  • In case of fine gauge (10G, 12G) add 1% more wastage for any fine yarn except chenille yarn. So production wastage is 4%+1%=5%.
  • In case of chenille yarn add 1% more wastage to the normal gauge and fine gauge. So for normal gauge of chenille yarn wastage is 4%+1%=5% and fine gauge of chenille yarn 5%+1%=6%.

Relation between knitting and linking gauge:

  • Design chart is known as pattern chart. It is made by designer where woven pattern is made by pattern master.

To be continue....

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