Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Puff Print

Puff print is an another common print in the fashion Industry. Sometimes we call it emboss print also. It is almost similar  to the rubber print We can make this print in any color. Mainly buyer asked this print on knitted T-shirt. The printing process is same as other screen print.

Printing process
a. Like as other print we make the print screen at first.
b. We make rubber color as normal
c. Mix an EMBOSS OR FOAMING PAST with the followings color.
d. Then print on the garments with following color mixer like as a normal rubber print.
e. Then we dry the print area by using heat. This is the turning point of this print. Because after getting the heat the print becomes puffed. Normally we dry the print area  with dryer for small print. If the print area is larger then we heat press the print with curing machine. I advise all to use heat press machine instead of hand dryer, it will make the puffed evenly. Before heat press please adjust the temperature and pressure of curing machine to get the correct output. Less heat will give you a less puffed print.  

Cost of the print 
Though I've not the exact idea regarding the price of this print so please contact with print factory with your print artwork. It may be One and half times more costly than rubber print.

During a heat press please be careful regarding the color of body fabric because the excessive heat can affect on the color of body fabric.

Thanks and best regards


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