Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why 10,000,000 is needed in centimeter based consumption ?

The below post has written by a reader of this blog. Thanks. 

Frequently people ask why use 10000000 in consumption formula??

The basic formula per piece is L x W x 2/10000*GSM/1000

L= Body & sleeve length with allowance 
W= Chest measurement with allowance
2= as each garment have two part

10000= is a big question?? see we get fabric area by using basic formula but we need to know how much fabric is required in kgs??

Usually we know GSM (grams per square meter) so we've to convert the fabric into square meter. 1m=100cm,

1sqr meter=10000 cm (100cm x 100cm), so divide fabric area by 10000. so now we get fabric in Sqr meter.

*GSM= multiplying by GSM we get total grams of fabric

1000= why 1000? now its simple. we have total grams of fabric and dividing 1000 we get kgs. 1kg =1000 gram. 

People commonly divide by 100000000 (10000x1000) to get fabric in kgs. 

hope it make you clear- Pls let me ask if anything unclear.



By Enamul Haque Bipul


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