Sunday, June 30, 2013

Death Of A Dream !!!

Dear Readers,  Before start reading this below article I've something to say you. At first I'm very sorry to published this type of none technical article in this blog, where as I was committed to published only technical topics in my blog. I've also one request to all off you "If you don't have enough stamina to read the full article then please skip this" otherwise please kindly read the full article. Also please try to give your opinion in comments section. Any type of comments are welcome. Thanks .   

From the very beginning of Human civilization, always all the Nations are trying to improve them self in various ways. Some nations tried to improve them by hardworking, some are by war and robbery. 

If we look back to the past, what we see? We see how the every nation tried to change their fate. We see how some nation tries to spread their kingdom to the west. We see how some nation tries to capture all wealth of Asia by the name of business. 

Most of the nations have tried to bring their civilizations in a glorious point by any way. It could be robbery or establish colony. At last they made themselves glorious and wealthy. Now they are the most civilized nations of this world, and acting like, their hand never touch the blood of eastern, western and African people. However, the main view of all these adventurous journeys, business and war to make them richer and also to make their own nations, happy with wealth and glory. 

Still on this planet the same thing is happening again and again under the new glossy and tricky cover. Some nations are still trying to hold their ownership on all the natural resource of the others country by the war and by the name of the peace. Some nations have taken all the responsibilities of the whole planet. But only investing their power where it is profitable. Some nations are taking a very strict position against nuclear weapons, but in behind increasing their nuclear stock. Some nations are speaking for peace, dyeing for peach all the day and night, but in behind increasing the arms production. Also they are celebrating the 6th August and 9th August as a symbol of peach. Some nations are publishing big articles for human rights but off the record planning how to collect all the personal data w/o informing the person. Everyone is trying to look after the others house not their own.

However, in this green planet still has some good nations who are trying to improve them self by hard working not by producing arms. Though this green planet will not be green anymore for the unstopping industrial GAS which is producing by some very very peaceful country. Already some nations have proved themselves that, they are really essential for this Earth. Already some nations have shown themselves as they are committed to keeping the human rights and improving day by day. 

Some nations have already been walked the long road of social security and improvement to ensure the social freedom of their Female Citizen. Some social and industrial steps of these nations are already succeeding to convey the financial freedom to their women. Millions of female of these countries are now taking all their decisions by own. Now they are able enough to send their little girl to school to study. Now they have taken the ownership of their fate. Now they share their own thought to others. Now they have also the power. Now they can smile, now they can sing their own song. Now they also can see the dream!!!!

These all the things happened because they have job, because they are earning, because they are living by their own income. They have stand-up by their own feet. They are not Lackey anymore. They are not depending on others.

But now the colorful dreams of their future are becoming grayish. An accident is now making their colorful dream into black/white. Now these women’s are anxious regarding their future. They are now worried about their freedom. They are fearful for their little girl future, who is studying in the school. 

Accidents can be happened. Yes, all the worlds know that, this is not only an accident; this is a tragedy for the whole world. This is a tragedy for all the retail shops of the world, where some people are trying to buy the merchandise less than the cost of making. This is a news to those who are always finding a discount shop. It’s a silent signal to these businessmen who are always pressuring and trying to buy the merchandise in only $5 (dollar) whether they will sell it more than $70 (dollar). This reminds us that, the 3 hundred years old same drama is playing again; only the new thing is the actor and theater.
It’s an advance news regarding the Bangladeshi women, where the last line will like that, “Millions of women are Jobless and there is no financial/social freedom of Bangladeshi women”. 

If the garment factory has shut down then the owner will not face any problem because they already have, so much wealth to spend their rest of life. BUT, what will happen with these women? What will do these women?? Who has no earnings source, as well as no freedom and security!! What will do the male labor also? How they will maintain the living cost of their family? Whereas there is no alternative occupation in Bangladesh, right now. 

Actually it will insist both of them to do illegal works. It will not solve the problem of Bangladeshi labor; actually it will start a new problem. The real picture will be a sunrise w/o light. It will quicker the process, to make the women again powerless.
Bangladesh has served to the whole apparel world since last 25 years with good reputation. Ninety percent of Brand Company has been working with a Bangladesh manufacture for many years. But this accident has made everything uncertain.
All the brands company has been taking goods from Bangladesh since long time w/o any complain. They never asked that, how is going the life of their maker. Now when the accident has done then everyone is acting like that, they are very careful regarding the worker.

Yes, few retailer/buyer is really taking care till to the root level worker. But some retailer/buyer is prescribing the medicine but never give the money to buy it. In previous I observe some big brands of the worlds, which send us a 3 hundred pages manual (for their own safety) by the name of worker safety. Even, they didn’t ask for to sign and return it back to them. They opened a new web page for digital signature against it. If some retailer thought like that, the reading and signing back of the manual will waste their time then how they will take care of the worker.
Actually, if really they are aware about the worker, then they will not leave the worker at this moment. When the worker’s really need them (Clothing retailers). If somebody becomes sick we didn’t throw him to become sicker. We always try to help him to recover. I think it’s clear to all that, what we actually need to do.
If they really want to ensure the human rights and freedom of women’s, if they really want to see the power in the hand of women’s then they must need to re-analyze all the points with new view and sight. 

It will not bring any good result to restrict someone instead of helping. It will not solve any problem by stopping some facilities like GSP. Actually, it will increase the problem.

When some nations are investing their wealth and technology to improve other countries' weapons and defense systems to make them more secure. Then the other nations are not leaving those countries, they are getting inside, to solve the problem. Then why they are leaving now, instead of taking care of this problem closely.    
Hope and pray to the almighty that, they will be able to take a correct decision very soon. 

Hope they will help to remain colorful the dream of the poor women. Hope the dream will not die…  

By Enamul Haque Bipul
29th June, 2013
Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  1. It's really nice highlighting the problems of garment as well as women related to this job.We are hoping to overcome these problems soon.

  2. Hi Kaniz,

    Many thanks for your comments.

    Best Regards
    Enamul Haque Bipul


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