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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Costing Software (Apps) For Knit/Woven/Sweater Item

Hope everybody is well and doing great!!

Last few days I was working for developed/create a apps (software) for doing the costing of Knit Items. Costing Apps for Knit item has already completed.

Today I'm going to introduce this new technique of Costing. It will make the costing process easier than ever and also s/b error less.

At the beginning I have already published the Costing Apps only for Knit Item. And now our team is working for published the Costing Apps against Woven, Sweater, Underwear, Socks items, etc. Woven and Sweater apps are already 50% completed. Very soon we will launch it.

However, our team are already providing the Knit item apps to the customer as per their request. Our team is taking service charge against this soft because we've to pay to the "It firms" by whom we develop this software. The service charge is only only $10/copy. Thanks.

We think above price is not much higher. However, if anybody has any problem then he can mail us. 

For Bangladeshi and International both the customers we are sending software via mail. For Bangladeshi customer we are accepting the payment through Bikash and Bank transfer. And for international customer we are taking the payments through skrill (Moneybooker), Paypal, Western Union etc. We will publish the software in windows store later on for all the customers.

We also have a plan to publish two costing application for Fabric.
1) For Knit fabric,
2) Woven Fabric (Twill, Canvas etc). 

Please let me know if anybody has any advice. Thanks.

If you are interested to buy this Costing app, then please send me an email with below mentioned information

E-mail Subject s/b: Costing Apps

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After getting your mail I will inform you all the details regarding payment and delivery.

Thanks and best regards

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