Thursday, August 28, 2014

The details operation procedure of Costing Software (apps).

Dear All,

Hope you are well. Many peoples asked me that, how the costing software works. For these peoples, today I am going to share with all of you the details process of using the Knit item costing software (apps). From these video you will get a complete idea about the costing apps.

1. Unzip And Install the software in your computer. To unzip and install the apps you need following details.

***If you didn't have rar software on your computer, then please download it from the following link. ""

*** If you are using any old operating system like as "XP" and if you are facing problem during installation then at first download and install the "(dot).Net 3.5 framework" from the following website: "". If you are unable to download the following software then please contact with us physically (with a pen drive) for collect the following software.


2.  Input the General Information.


3. Calculate the consumption. 

4. Final Calculation

5. Editing and Printing

Hope above video will help you to get idea that, how the software works.

By Enamul Haque Bipul
Mob: 01717264756
Skype: bipul1984
Uttara, Bangladesh

Note: I have tried several time to upload a clear video but every time it become hazy after uploading.

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