Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Defect Classification - During Inspection (Fabric Defects)

During inspection many times we got some defects. All the defect are not same and not have the same importance. Out of these defect some are major and some defect is minor.

Many times we become confused to take a decision that, which is major and which minor. Today I am going to share some information with all of you regarding this issue. Also, I am going to share a list defects with major and minor classification. In this regards please note, these classifications are not fixed, it can be varied based on buyer view.

Major Defect: Anything which adversely affects the appearance, performance, including fit or customer satisfaction to a degree that would provide a discerning customer with justification for non-purchase, a return or complaint .

Minor Defect: Any variation from a standard which is not sufficient in degree to be classified as major

Today I will discuss regarding Fabric Defects

Defect Classification
Fabric Defects

Sl. Classification Major Minor
1 Any Surface HOLE, RUN or obvious defect that could develop into hole      X 
2 Any CUTS or TEARS in the fabric    X 

3 SUBS OF any distinguishable size, which are not part of the 

Fabric design 

On the front of any garment adversely affecting appearance     X 

On the front or back of a polyester garment    X 

On the back of a wool garment, longer than ½”     X 

On the back of silk garment, longer than 1”     X 

On the back of cotton garment, longer than 1 ½”     X 

On the back of any of the above garments but below the specified lengths    X 
4 Any FOREIGN PARTICLES caught into the fabric during 

Weaving or knitting 

Adversely affecting appearance    X 
Apparent but not significant 
5 Any FABRIC FLAW or fault which is sufficiently conspicuous to

Adversely affect the appearance of fabric     X 

By Enamul Haque Bipul
Uttara - Dhaka

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