Thursday, August 7, 2014

You, I and Bangladeshi Garments Worker !!!

It's nothing but our bad luck that still we are facing problem like Toba Garments. Today the whole economic system of Bangladesh is depending on this garment industry, but what we are giving to the worker of this garments sector. Nothing except harassment.

There is no value of their labor to us. We are totally failing to give them their rights. We are just playing with them.

Many other peoples who are not directly involved with this garments sector, they also need to know that, if the garment industry doesn't exist then theirs honeymoon also will not exist longer.

Today we are sending most of our children to school, today we are getting enough food and electricity, medical facilities only for this garments sector. So, there is no way to ignore this sector, whether you are directly involved or not.

One thing we all have to understand that, they are not asking for any penny from our pocket. They are just asking for their wages.

We have to make a long term plan to solve this issue immediately. If that kind of problem raises every time. Then we must lose the market. We will not get the favor every-time from the customer.

For my job purpose many times I meet with many European clients. And I understand it clearly that, many of them are working with Bangladeshi factories only for the GSP facilities.

Our neighbor country India is trying heart and soul to get the GSP facilities from the  European Union, and in other hands we are playing games with this important sector. India, Cambodia and some more countries have already taken some long term plan to control and grab this apparel market. But what we are doing?? We are trying to down this sector. Since last 4/5 years we have not seen any new big investment in Industrial level.

It's for sure if India gets the GSP then it will take only one season to reduce our 30 percent order Qty, if we didn't not changed our policy.

The bad days are coming and we have to prepared ourselves for its.

Enamul Haque Bipul

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