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Textiles Nano Finishing

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Today I am going to share with all of you, a technology which is related with textile fabric finishing. This technic use mainly in woven fabric finishing. 


A technology that brings about an entirely carefree fabric with wrinkle resistant, shrink proof, water and stain repellent properties, intended for use in cellulosic fibers such as cotton and linen. 

It is a next-generation, ease-of-care, dimension-stabilizing finish, one step ahead of methods that simply give wrinkle resistance and shrink-proofing.

Nano-Care withstands more than 50 home launderings. 

It imparts water repellency and stain resistance superior to those of conventional methods, maintaining high water and oil repellency levels (80 and 4) even after 20 home washes. 


• Superior Stain, Water and Oil Repellency 
• Resists Wrinkles 
• Breathable Fabric 
• Preserves Original Hand 
• Easy Care

Techno-science recently introduced some Nano finishes for textile substrates has been reviewed here. The logic of using low molecular weight fiber-reactive fluorocarbons that from the basics of Nano-Care finish durable hydrophobic characteristic to fabrics. And mechanisms proposed to explain the photo-catalytic self-cleaning effect of TiO2 have been described. 

Developments in the production and evaluation of Nano silver and wound care devices based on anti microbial activity of silver have been covered in detail. Anti pollen finish by using the polymer which have antistatic or electro conductive composition, flame retardant finish by using colloidal antimony pent oxide, Odour fight finish by using tourmaline, UV protection finish by using Nano clay particles, Self cleaning suits by using film polymer mixed with silver Nano particles and characteristics of Nano finishing in Garments have been described.


The application of ultra fine particles, produced using Nano technology, in textile finishing is fast growing. 

These application, are aimed at imparting multi functional properties such as ultra violet resistant, anti bacterial, moisture control to apparel products, made from natural fibers including, cotton, wool, silk and also synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. These multifunctional properties are achieved through changing fabric at molecular level by Nano technology process.

Unstainable apparels based on Nano technology are becoming widely popular. 

The Nano technology finish creates care free fabrics that minimize stains, superior liquid repellency and provide wrinkle resistance. These enhanced fabric allow water and oil spills to easily bead and roll of the fabric without penetrating the fibers and maintain in the fabric throughout the life of the garment.


Hydrophobic surface can be produced mainly in 2 ways.

1. By creating rough structure on a hydrophobic surface.

2. By modifying a rough surface using materials with low surface free energy.

Both these approaches have been used to give a hydrophobic finish to textile substrates.

Fluorocarbon finishes constitute an important class of hydrophobic finishes. These finishes first applied to textile in the 1965 to impart water and oil repellency.

Fluorocarbons are a class of organic chemicals that contain a perfluoroalkyl residue in which all the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by Fluorine. These chemicals have very high thermal stability and low reactivity. They considerably reduce the surface tension.

Fluorocarbon finishes are dispersions of perfluorinated acrylates having co-monomers.

In the fluorocarbon finishes, the critical surface tension depends on the chain length of fluorinated side chain and is minimum for chain length of n=9. The effect of the chain length on the oil and water repellency is shown in table bellow.   

The attached multifunctional molecule can impart wrinkle resistance by Cross- linking cellulose chains by maleic anhydride residues and also impart Water-repellency, crease-repellency, soil resistance, detergent free washing, Increased speed of drying, improved strength and abrasion resistance without affecting its air permeability or breathability

The durability of the finish is much better than the conventional fluorocarbon acrylate polymers based finish.

The Nano finish originally named as Nano Care T, and marketed by Nano-Tex    

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