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Bangladesh: Major country/commodity-wise export receipts

Table-III shows the comparative position of Export Receipts from major trading partners during the quarters July-September, 2019, April-June, 2019 and July-September, 2018, along with their trade shares.

(Amount in Millions)
Country/Commodity GroupJuly-September, 2019April-June, 2019July-September, 2018
TakaUS DollarTakaUS DollarTakaUS Dollar
U.S.A. 995551178978601159945121129
      Readymade Garments933851105925161096895911070
      Fish, Shrimps and Prawns188252163664
      Home Textile & Terry Towel1172149611185710
      Jute Manufactures281342053444
      Raw Jute310160340
      Leather and Leather Manufactures98712663894211
Germany 9541411291001001185976631166
      Readymade garments879081040953151129919641098
      Fish, shrimps and prawns1306153925127915
      Home Textile & Terry Towel212125153418114014
      Jute manufactures4411011541
      Raw Jute380350511
      Leather and leather manufactures241629114714225427
      Readymade garments606677186132672656554675
      Fish, shrimps and prawns104512172320105613
      Home Textile & Terry Towel158519119514122615
      Jute manufactures591451581
      Raw Jute7518111041
      Leather and leather manufactures376427734455
Spain 458805434380351942393506
      Readymade garments437375184224050040396482
      Fish, shrimps and prawns701491451
      Home Textile & Terry Towel251314021932
      Jute manufactures811721561
      Raw Jute240420451
      Leather and leather manufactures120914600780810
France 391654633966947037454447
      Readymade garments369674373703543934953417
      Fish, shrimps and prawns412535746197
      Home Textile & Terry Towel1020128821098212
      Jute manufactures22040410
      Raw Jute000000
      Leather and leather manufactures2653933113524
      Readymade garments285973382553830227682331
      Fish, shrimps and prawns200260330
      Home Textile & Terry Towel374429132863
      Jute manufactures210431330
      Raw Jute000000
      Leather and leather manufactures8591081810126915
Poland 253823002175525822159265
      Readymade garments235922792006423819996239
      Fish, shrimps and prawns000000
      Home Textile & Terry Towel323425833334
      Jute manufactures260270421
      Raw Jute001000
      Leather and leather manufactures120814100112151118
Canada 215282552155725519911238
      Readymade garments200842381993023618169217
      Fish, shrimps and prawns431871340
      Home Textile & Terry Towel7599100012111013
      Jute manufactures18090240
      Raw Jute001000
      Leather and leather manufactures15128211662
Netherlands 211972511693520119565234
      Readymade garments161821921419616814502173
      Fish, shrimps and prawns20402491011207925
      Home Textile & Terry Towel188214921992
      Jute manufactures204212822593
      Raw Jute1207050
      Leather and leather manufactures1732207759160319
India 191862271873322219722235
      Readymade garments599471512261551266
      Fish, shrimps and prawns423558873484
      Home Textile & Terry Towel1019020
      Jute manufactures273732292635184622
      Raw Jute8681031745677
      Leather and leather manufactures258344352653
Japan 178512111687120015528185
      Readymade garments150031781394616512602150
      Fish, shrimps and prawns51126231962
      Home Textile & Terry Towel534658073724
      Jute manufactures8717711071
      Raw Jute3011060
      Leather and leather manufactures166620150418162219
Denmark 169462011314915613436160
      Readymade garments166251971262715012903154
      Fish, shrimps and prawns9215211121
      Home Textile & Terry Towel651751811
      Jute manufactures604000
      Raw Jute000000
      Leather and leather manufactures11070160
Belgium 143931701341315914167169
      Readymade garments114781361114013211613139
      Fish, shrimps and prawns1270154866166020
      Home Textile & Terry Towel111118021382
      Jute manufactures114122831312
      Raw Jute260260350
      Leather and leather manufactures36741011122203
      Readymade garments121351441044412411802141
      Fish, shrimps and prawns000000
      Home Textile & Terry Towel650833245827
      Jute manufactures000000
      Raw Jute200010
      Leather and leather manufactures461400180
      Readymade garments115591371233014600
      Fish, shrimps and prawns29045100
      Home Textile & Terry Towel6848590700
      Jute manufactures68187100
      Raw Jute000000
      Leather and leather manufactures2793149200
Other Countries104383123610255312131108911324
A. Sub-total642391760262434873946109077294
B. Exports of EPZ120599142713054415461210581445
Grand total:(A+B)762990902975489289407319658739
Note: :1. Figures in the Parentheses represent percentages of sub-total A.
            2. Country-wise total export receipts are shown in  Table - 5.


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