Saturday, December 10, 2011

How we do the Screen print (1st part)

Learn Apparel Merchandising, Learn Fashion design.
Making a Simple Rubber Print. 

Please find below the procedure (Step by step) of making a screen print.

General Condition of a Middle class print factory

Art work
Before start the print we need a art work or sketch at first. Art work will be provided by the buyer. Art work can be hard copy of paper or also may be a soft copy in the computer or also can be a original sample. Mainly in this artwork buyer describe all of their requirements. From this we will know how many colors the requested print has, what is the dimension of the print, what type of print quality buyer has asked, what is the color stander or swatch,  where & on which part of the garments the print will be placed. Here we have got a original sample from buyer.

A original Sample which we got from buyer.

Design means a transparent plastic paper with the sketch of the art work. After illustrate or digitize the design by a designer we print it on plastic paper from digital printing machine. This digital printing machine is very very expressive.  This printing process on plastic called as output. Qty of design paper could be several. It’s depending on the color qty of the print. Size of the design also depends on the requested dimension of print.

Design (Sketch of the art work on the transparent plastic)

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