Saturday, December 10, 2011

Requirement of Chemical & man power for a screen print factory

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Chemical & others:

1) Basic color: To make different type of color shade we need several basic colors. Color master make buyer requested color after mixing these basic color.

2) Fixing Chemical or Re agent: Actually during the color making we mix up several types of chemical or re agent for protect the color against washing, lighting & from color bleeding. It is very important for quality printing. Also print factory use Photo sensitive chemical for prepare the frame, they called it HP.
3) Crack print, puff print & discharge print: Print factory also use some specific chemical for some special type of print. Such as crack print, puff print & discharge print.

4) Rubber paste: Normally for the rubber, print factories use different kind of rubber as per buyer quality requirement of the print.

5) Different type of Gum: In a print factory we mainly use three type of gum in various processes. Such as in the printing table, on the frame to attach the mesh fabric, and in the flock & foil print. After two or three weeks generally we repast the gum in the printing table. This time period can reduce if we print on fleece fabric regularly. We all so used the kerosene oil and detergent for clean the table.

6) Flock powder: For flock print the print factory use flock powder. Flock powder is mainly two kind i) Cotton flock & ii) Polyester flock. Some time we got it as per our requested color from the market. And some time we mix up the powder with view to get our requested color.

7) Foil paper: For foil print the print factory use foil paper. Foil paper comes in roll with various width & color.

8) Glitter & Afson: For glitter & afson print the printers use glitter & afson powder with color in certain ratio.

9) Studs & strass: Print factory some time used these stone in the print as per buyer request.

10) Others: Also the print factory used various type of chemical to make the print as requested. Such as Fluorescent & neon effect in the print.


1) Color master (01)
2) Designer 01) He can be Freelancer.
3) Production manger (01)
4) Supervisor (02)
5) Q,A (03)
6) Screen man (05 to 10)
7) Laymen (10)
8) Dryer man (06)
9) Curing man (02)
10) Camera man (01)
11) Helper (15)
12) Delivery man (03)


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