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Category of Zipper by Materials

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Category of Zipper

Different kinds of zipper are used for different process and item. Such as Jacket, Sweat shirt, Denim Pants, Jogging suit, Sweater etc. Many times buyer asked for different type of zipper based on their garments item.

Mainly we can categorize the zipper in 02 (two) option

1)      By Materials.

2)      By Function.

Zipper Categories by materials:

1)      Nylon (Polyester) Zipper

2)    Plastic (Molded, Vislon), Zipper.

3)      Metal (Aluminum, Brass, Anti-Brass, Nickel, Anti-Nickel)

Nylon (Polyester) Zipper

Nylon/Polyester zippers are made by sewing monofilament – formed spiral teeth on to the tape. They are available in a wide range. Therefore, it is the most popular and widely used zippers.

Plastic (Molded, Vislon), Zipper.

Molded (plastic, injection, delrin, chunky) zippers are made by injecting plastic elements (acetal copoliner) onto the tape. A wide range of colors and finished can be sapplied to the zippers for the fashion industry.

Metal (Aluminum, Brass, Anti-Brass, Nickel, Anti-Nickel, Sliver etc)

Metal zippers, made from various dimension of half round wire, display distinctive personalities in the fashion-clothing design. 

Nylon Invisible Zipper

Nylon Lace Invisible



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